About Us

LatinMerx.com is an online store designed to give our members a unique experience. Founded in 2014, in a highly competitive environment, seeking to position itself in the market as an alternative to ecommerce with special emphasis on its differences with current options and strengthening the principles of business to the consumer (B2C).

Our Goal.

Become the leading internet portal for technology, entertainment and toy products.

Guiding Principles:

  1. Establish direct relationships with our customers and suppliers.
  2. Increase and reward the loyalty of our customers.
  3. Respect the brands we sell.
  4. Continuous improvement. 

Where does our name come from?

It comes from Latin, specifically from the emergence of the word Market and the expression at your Mercy, where the combination of Mercanti (buy), Merx (merchandise) and Merces (salary, payment or reward) make perfect harmony with the principles, objectives and the emergence Per Se of LatinMerx.

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